Almighty Kaygee from The Legendary Cold Crush Brothers - NFT Breezy

Almighty Kaygee from The Legendary Cold Crush Brothers - NFT Breezy

Almighty Kaygee’s first official drop of NFTs and associated numbered merchandise items on its marketplace. The tees and NFTs feature Breezy, one of the character’s of Kaygee’s Buggins series, a rapping group of bugs that Kaygee is turning into an educational television series for children.

Kenneth Pounder, known as Almighty Kaygee, is a Hip Hop and Rap original and an inspiration to future generations who followed. Hip Hop artists and rappers today acknowledge that, without Kaygee, one of the creators of the genre, Hip Hop would not exist as it does.

Kaygee first learned to break dance from the original "Mr Freeze" and "Crip" and learned to rap in 1974 after he heard GrandMaster Flash and the Furious 3's. He became a member of the all Jamaican "Cheeba Crew"; while with the Cheeba Crew, he learned to emcee and DJ simultaneously. In 1979,

Kaygee became a part of the legendary Cold Crush Brothers. The Cold Crush Bothers went to Japan in 1982 on the groundbreaking Wild Style Tour and were the first group signed to CBS Records through the Tuff City label. They brought down the house, along with LL Cool J, during the opening for the exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, "Hip-Hop Nation: Roots, Rhymes and Rage,” organized by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Kaygee has collaborated with such artists as C&C Music Factory, KRS-1, Funk Master Flex, Doug E Fresh, and many more.

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