(#koingives) KOINFETTI announces 3 NFT - Merchandising drops

(#koingives) KOINFETTI announces 3 NFT - Merchandising drops

The first official drops of 50 numbered NFTs and 50 associated numbered merchandise items, on the KOINFETTI marketplace, FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, USA, /#koinfetti.com/ -- Ft. Lauderdale, FL: Today, KOINFETTI MARKETPLACE, LLC, announced the first official drops of 50 numbered NFTs and 50 associated numbered merchandise items, on the KOINFETTI marketplace, from each of three (3) Hip Hop artists, Derrick Henderson (DoDirTyThaDon), GG McGee, and KTEK. Each artist is putting his own spin on an NFT and associated merchandising collection.

Derrick Henderson (DoDirTyThaDon) is an up and coming artist, whose life journey has been filled with challenges yet, through his calling, digital art, and his passion, music, his future looks bright. Working with the producer, Traxtastic, who has worked with such artists as OutKast, Beats Bullies, The Boyz, A.B.C., and Soul Messiah, Henderson has been working hard to release his debut album, NiKOLAJ (Victory of People), while debuting his artwork on KOINFETTI. “Being an artist struggling early off in my career and becoming an early investor in some Krypto Kreator artwork, as well as being a Krypto Kreator Artist myself,” Henderson says, “I’m anxious to see where KOINFETTI goes!!!”

G.G. McGee is a lyric transcriber of Grammy award winner Killer Mike’s modern classic R.A.P. Music album, a producer for Grand Time Official Records/Grand Hustle Records, and has performed with Dave Chappelle, Carson Daly, Jimmy Kimmel, BET’s Spring Bling, and more. “I am thrilled to partner with KOINFETTI MARKETPLACE and am sure that my NFTs and merchandise, being dropped on its site, will be a win win for us and for the public,” said McGee.



KTEK is an accomplished music producer and engineer, actor, and computer whiz. A founding member of the indie label, Bloc2Bloc Records, His tracks have been used by many independent artists, music directors, commercial catalogs, and audiobooks. He also can be seen on television shows, including The Game (2021) on Paramount +, Ordinary Joe, Single Drunk Female, Memories, Long Slow Exhale, Heels, and Genius: Aretha. He also will be seen in the upcoming film, Scott Free, written and directed by Scott Everton. KTEK’s first official NFT drop, with merchandise, on KOINFETTI, is book five, of a six book series, The Butterfly Memoirs, by bestselling author, M.J. Kane, about the highs and lows of relationships and friendships.

KOINFETTI founder, Peter Sordjan, emphasized that “there are many great things to come on #koinfetti. We are so pleased to have these three different artists dropping their NFTs now on our NFT marketplace, and we will be announcing very soon some of the unique ways that we are changing the way that NFT marketplaces function.”


KOINFETTI MARKETPLACE, LLC #koinfetti is a Florida company that provides a different and innovative NFT marketplace. KOINFETTI provides its members, incubators, and holders of KOIN #koingives, its affiliated cryptocurrency, benefits and rewards and a real sense of community, keeping users engaged at all times, and does the same for its creators. The company is poised to announce many more inventive features in the very near term.


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