Jefferson Clay - Profile

Jefferson Clay - Profile


Hi my Jefferson L. Clay II

I am representing GENIUS VISIONARY, INC. I specialize in helping the 30 million business owners in US to survive and thrive irrespective of economy and market conditions. 

Did you know that 90% of business owners use their personal credit to run their business? Did you know in 2yrs 50% of business owners will have their doors shut & in 5yrs 85 % of business owners will be out of business. Also, did you know 95% of business owners will never reach 1 million dollars in revenue in their lifetime. With our 300 yrs of combine experience @ GENIUS VISIONARY INC, my team and I are here to help.  

What I have MASTERED is becoming a great listener and helping people get what they want. Like Zig Ziglar stated if you help enough get what they want Divine Universe will give you what you want. 

My MISSION is to knock down those prior statistics and help 1 Million business owners achieve their goals by providing business credit and funding services to that business owner by using their company EIN.

What MOTIVATES me or keeps me up at night is helping that families succeed in obtaining their goals. By helping businesses survive and thrive I help business owners and their families archives their dream retirement,  dream vacation with the family, or give best education to their children and take care of elderly.

Again, my name is Jefferson L. Clay II representing GENIUS VISIONARY, INC