Kevin Caine - Profile

Kevin Caine - Profile




KTEK got his start in music the moment his mother bought him a Sony tape player. He took advantage of the recording capabilities of the gift and combined them with his love of music to entertain his friends by creating custom-made mixtapes. His tapes were so well-received that he was invited to DJ at local parties.


He soon spent time in the studio with his mentor, Fu, who gave him the nickname TEK. The moniker was earned when he took a broken computer sitting in the studio corner and brought it back to life. From then on, music, computers, and software became his passion.


Legendary artists, such as The Art of Noise, Michael Jackson, Sting, Phill Collins, Seal, Timberland, Dr. Dre, J-Dilla, Bass 305, Tekmaster P.E.B., DJ Magic Mike, and Eric B and Rakim have been vital sources of his inspiration. His love of combining non-traditional sounds and recording methods mixed with the elements of human sound, orchestral, and electronic pads and keys have become the components of his one-of-a-kind sound.


KTEK has over twenty-three years of experience as a musician, producer, and audio engineer. He’s played acoustic and electrical drums for more than twenty years. His true passion began in 1999 when he began integrating digital production and engineering into his resume. Soon after, he became a founding member of Bloc2Bloc Records, where he honed his production and engineering skills.


His passion for music drove him to build an in-house studio. For six years, he recorded independent artists in his living room. In 2015, KTEK moved from the living room to a studio where The Grind Factory Studios was born. Since then, hundreds of artists have come through the doors searching for his unique sound and production. Many of his tracks have been used by independent artists and requested by music directors for commercial catalogs, audiobooks, and other producers and engineers.


KTEK’s skills go beyond producing and engineering tracks. As an artist, he has a delivery style that is constantly evolving, just like the tracks he produces. His style is unique, captivating, and guaranteed to make listeners toon in. His first single, “Fuck Trump,” was an instant hit. He has collaborated with some of the best artists and producers in the industry. The most notable collaboration is with one of the top DJ’s in the industry, the World-Famous DJ Brad of the Legendary Legion of Doom DJ’s, for the 2019 release, “The Boss and The Legend.”


KTEK’s resume has expanded to acting, with a resume of TV shows and movies where he can be found in the background. He can currently be seen in the reboot of the series, The Game (2021), as the barber for Malik Wright (Hosea Chanchez). The series can be found on Paramount+ TV.