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Bachelor Baboon - Fang, surprisingly still a bachelor

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This bachelor baboon, Fang, surprisingly still a bachelor, always has been an outspoken member of his troop. While dressing up is not his style—he is not seen around the jungle, for example, wearing humans on his tee shirts, he has more than one side to him, though pictured here only from the front. Indeed, it doesn’t take much to get Fang to open up—well, his mouth at least.  

ABOUT BLUSHING BABOONS Welcome to Blushing Baboons. I am sure that we all felt, at some point, that we dated one. Here, though, the baboons date one another. Our first NFT drop will be our BACHELOR BABOONS. Following the drop of our BACHELOR BABOONS, we will have a drop of our gorgeous BABOON BACHELORETTES. After our BABOON BACHELORETTES, there will be a matchmaking service, B-Harmon(ke)y, for those holding BACHELOR BABOONS and BABOON BACHELORETTE NFTs, but not for the human BABOON NFT holders—just for their BABOONS. Then, after the male and female BABOONS have matched (and, of course, have had time to monkey around with one another), each matched pair of BABOONS will produce BABY BABOONS, and, miraculously, always in even numbers. Each holder of a BABOON parent, then will get to keep half of the offspring from that couple at a deeply discounted child care cost per NFT. But, each parent also will have the option to put the BABY BABOON up for adoption (that is, for sale to the public), in which case the parent will be entitled to twenty percent (20%) of the adoption cost of that BABY BABOON. (i.e., 20% of the initial purchase price of that BABY BABOON NFT and of royalties from any subsequent sale). So, don’t waste time. Once the BACHELOR BABOONS drop, choose your “prime mate” and then do the same when the BABOON BACHELORETTES drop. Once our matchmaking services are open, get your simians matched, and stay tuned for BABY BABOONS. When it comes to dating, it’s a jungle out there, but it’s worth it. What could be more blissful than ending up with a BABY BABOON?

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